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On the Right Track offers a personalized learning experience that helps you get on the right career path for your goals. We'll help you identify the skills needed to be successful in today's ever-changing workplace, find instructors who can guide you, build your resume with practical work history skills, and support you with job placement services.

Our Mission

On the Right Track, Inc, 501(c)(3) mission is to provide our members with a customized and comprehensive career path to assist them with the necessary skills to becoming successful and a lifelong learner.

Our Services

  • Career Readiness K-12 Plan
  • Career Readiness College Plan
  • Career Readiness Career Technical Education Plan
  • Career Readiness Leadership Plan
  • Career Readiness Military Plan
  • Career Readiness Professional School Plan
  • Career Readiness Entrepreneurship Plan
  • Career Readiness Mentorship Plan
  • Career Readiness Adult Education Plan
  • Grant Writing
  • Wrap-around Services

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At On the Right Track, we care about your success. That's why we offer long-term coaching and help you find your way to find your perfect career path. Let us help you stay on the right track for success!